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Cant sleep :(

Hello everyone who is up late like me ( partner working nights ) hate this so much as being myself with my thoughts feeling sorry for myself... waiting phone call from clinic to start our first ICSI and doing egg sharing so waiting to get matched up xx Know Jess from here whos same stage .. everyone else out there same point feeling same confused scared and exited same time xx need to talk

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Hi Miroslava, I hope you feel a bit better today. I know when I wake up during the night my problems (about fertility or otherwise) can seem much worse than they do in the morning. I find a cup of herbal tea and reading my book helps me to relax and get back to sleep. Take care x


Thanx very much for your answer will hv to get myself some other books then IVF ones and try fight negative thoughts xx its no easy tho specially when u are alone with demons x take care x


I know. I have sleepness nights sometimes too. I do find a book helps - nothing too heavy though. Something girly that makes you laugh works best I find. Going to try the breathing technique WeeMrsH suggested too though. Hope you sleep well tonight x


Hi Miroslava, have you tried some deep breathing exercises? if you lie straight out, arms by your side. Starting from your toes clench and release for a count of 5, whilst breathing deeply and steadily. Work from your toes up thru your legs, bottom, tummy, hands, shoulders etc clenching and relaxing, and you should be very relaxed after this and fall right to sleep- works for me, look after yourself hon xx


Thanx for you reply ... last night was really bad think i tried everything from tea to relaxin but once i got my mind overthinking its horrible .. cant shut it down xx waiting really is killing me x take care


My trick was that for every time I felt sorry for myself, I would think of one thing that I am grateful for.. and surprised myself at how easily those things came to me: grateful for my loving and supportive partner, grateful for great friends, grateful to have a safe and secure home, grateful for being generally healthy.. I know it isn't easy at all but it did make me start to feel more 'glass half full' than 'glass half empty'.

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