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cant be positive

I had a failed attempt at IVF in September and am now due to start injections on sunday to use my frozen egg. The doctor told me that the success % is less in frozen than in fresh and i cant help but feel negative about it all. I was sooo excited when i first started my fresh IVF and getting a failed result hit me very hard. I feel like I am stuck in this negative rut.

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Don't give up hope. I am now 26 weeks pregnant with an icebaby. Tho success rates may be lower, there is still hope.

I took me 5 cycles to get my twins, and 3 cycles to get this little miracle. You are still early on the road, but stay strong and don't give up.

good luck


I hope you dont mind me asking mierran but how did you pick yourself up after your failed attempts? The baby you are pregnant with now, did you have one egg or two put back? x


Hi Jillmooney. Don't give up hope yet. I am nearly six weeks gone on a frozen cycle. Took five attempts to get here. Yes its lower chance but it can happen. try to relax and not think about it. Concentrate on what's happening now. Not what could happen. That helped me to cope more. Sending lots of love. Xx


If you have frozen embryos, the IVF did not 'fail', it worked to the extent that it created viable embryos. Only the transfer didn't work. You are halfway there!


Frozen is just as good as fresh hun. The clinic I go to told me different tales about fresh and frozen it all depends on the eggs and how they defrost. There are lots of women that conceive with frozen eggs try not stress about it. Read some stories on the net it may help you relax a bit more. Good luck x


Hey my lov

Try not to think as it as a negative, I have coped by thinking that perhaps it's my bodies way of saying the eggs were not great and that later on there may have been complications or something. Even when it felt that heart was breaking I tried to say there is a reason for everything.

Try to take it 1 day at a time....spk open with your partner and also with someone that knows where you are at and what you are going through it helps.

I wish you the best of luck and remember 1 day at a time everyone is different.

Take care, here if you need




Nothing can predict the future, not the doctors, not even your thinking. You fear is all future thinking, an illusion in your head. Any thought that is not in the present moment is fantasy, made up. Your thinking makes it plausible, realistic, but it is pure fantasy - as nothing can predict the future. How is it helping you? Come back to the present moment, it is the only moment that exists.

Doctors are great at diagnosis but not prognosis, they cannot predict the future. Stats and fertility don't go together. A statistician would say to have a baby don't have sex (because statistically IVF has a higher success rate than each natural cycle). We were told 1 in a million chance of ever having a baby.

Breathe a few deep breathes, focus on you body, it is in the present moment, it is your mind that time travels. Focus on your breathe and re-connect to your body, come back to the present moment. x


Hi jillmooney. Did your doctor also tell you that modern day methods of freezing embryos using vitrification are soooo much better as it prevents ice crystals forming, which was a huge problem. Keep on the positive side and read the success stories on hear from using "little frosties". Good luck to you! Diane


I got my BFP this morning from a frozen cycle. I am sure it is because the whole process was so much easier and more relaxed than the initial IVF. Success rates from FET are just as good as fresh these days and some doctors swear they are often better, due to the reduced stress. Keep your chin up!


I was the same as you with my frozen cycle I did not see the point of it because I read that the percentage was lower but I am now 9 weeks pregnant with mine. Frozen cycle is soooo much easier and you will feel much more relaxed this time around I promise. Remember you have age on your side aswel xxxx


Thank you very much ladies, I will try and look on the bright side xx


Hey honey

How you doing?


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