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Prolonged bleeding/period?

Hi Ladies

Can anyone help? What I though was my period started on 2nd of October and had continued every day since then. Its red blood all day every day and often clotty. It has never been particularly heavy its what I would normally expect around day 3/4 of a normal period.

Anyway I have PCOS and have been using clomid since beginning of year which doesn't seem to be working from day 21 blood results.

Last normal period started 15th Aug and I did 2 tests both negative and again no evidence of ovulation on day 21 bloods either :o(

So I called the Gyn Secretary last week to be told consultant was off ill and if I hadn’t heard back from her by end of week then to make an appointment with my GP. No word back so went to GP on tue, who wasn’t sure why I would have been told to see him but has taken some bloods to check for anaemia and thyroid levels and to get back onto consultant secretary as I shouldn’t have been referred to him at all!

I have now spoken to consultant secretary again and after a few cross wires have been advised that I should take norethisterone. I still don’t think she fully understood what I was trying to explain or maybe I wasn’t explaining very well. But to me taking the norethisterone doesn’t seem like the right thing to do?? Obviously I’m not a medical professional but just thought I would check if anyone else had similar before going ahead with the prescription!


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Hi weetwinkle. The reason they have asked you to take the norethisterone, is so that it builds your womb lining up, rather than letting it bleed all the time. Once you have stopped bleeding, then usually you should have a period within a few days. Obviously, you will need to see your consultant again. Good luck! Diane


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