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Transfer on Monday!

t of five suitable eggs, three fertilised!

I'm so happy, but dreading the 2ww at the same time.

I know that technically this will be the last hurdle before we know whether we were successful, but I still many more ahead before we might possibly get to cradle our bundle in our arms.

It's difficult to keep level headed though, because my Mum is the absolute worst at containing her excitement lol It's lovely to be around, but in her head, I'm already holding our bundle, and I have to keep reminding her that we still have stuff to get through before that happens.

We having a five day transfer, which gives us the best chance? Is that right?

I don't know how many blastocysts they'll put back though...

Calmly excited


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Hi Jazifox. Exciting times, albeit scary too, but it looks like your clinic is trying to give you the best chance of success with opting for a 5 day transfer. The little embryos are ready to “pop out” of their shell at that stage, ready to implant, so it proves that they are strong to get to that stage. Usually, they will just offer you one embryo to transfer, unless you have had several failed attempts before. Hopefully, there may be one or two to freeze as well, so that would be a bonus for you. Yes, mum’s can be a nightmare, but it is only because she loves you so much, and just wants everything to work out well for her “little girl”. Keeping everything crossed for you that all works out OK. Diane


Gd luck we had only 1 I think that is standard but if u hav had proble,s they my put 2 bac take care gd luck xx


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