Hello there havint been on here for a while but thort i would give you's a little update... I am now 10 weeks pregnant and everything seems to be going fine... I still carnt believe that this as actually worked for me, I have recently had another scan and there on the screen was my baby (was so exciting). I still read ppls stories on here saying there scared nd things but honestly there's nothing to be scared about, I have my fingers crossed for all you lovely ppl out there nd there is still hope. Sprinkling baby dust for u's all. Good luck ❀️Xxx

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  • Hi botties congratulations to you, I have had both my tubes removed too, had one removed when I was 20 due to Eptopic pregnancy and the other removed 8 weeks ago due to small hydrosalpinx. My first Ivf/ICSI failed last year but I don't know if that was down to the hydrosalpinx tube I had or a different problem in the embryo. We had a day 5 transfer and got a few frozen, we are starting a natural frozen cycle in 2 weeks and having 2 transferred, feeling alittle more positive now the bad tube is removed as my clinic told me Hydrosalpinx can effect outcome. Hope you have a happy pregnancy xx

  • Aww brilliant congrats was this ur first ivf xxx

  • Congrats was that ur first ivf xx

  • Hi no this was my 3rd go also done icsi... The 1st 2 times was with my ex partner and I always say it must not of ment to be, as I done it with the mr nd 1st time it worked... So happy I am xxx

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