Well hello there... On Wednesday just gone me nd the mr had our 1st scan nd there right in front of us on the screen was our little baby (only 1) but it was amazing straight away u could the heartbeat it was an amazing time for us it was so emotional... Couldn't b any happier... Got our next scan in two weeks canit wait... So for all u ppl who's trying there is still hope as I thort it would never happen to me but it did xxxx

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  • Excellent, so pleased for you

  • Congratulations Hun good news and a lovely pic xx

  • Congratulations booties!! That's amazing, such a lovely pic :-)

    This gives me lots of hope for our first IVF attempt. We already decided to put back two as well (if we get the chance) once we get to that stage in 6 months time :-) still got a bit of a wait but after reading about so many success stories on here I really can't wait to get started. Wish you a all the best for your pregnancy xx

  • Congratulations to u and Mr on the success. Just a quick question please, did you have 1 or 2 embryos put back?

  • Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Hooray!!!

  • aww congratulations!! :D x x x

  • Big congratulations!xxx

  • Hey, our icsi also worked and are 8 weeks pregnant today. Have you experienced stabbing pains in tummy?

  • congratulations x

  • So pleased to hear your news, I'm in my 3rd week of injections on my first attempt at IVF and am nervous it will not work first time. Can I ask if this was your first time? X

  • Hi jillmooney sorry no it wasn't my 1st time it was my 3rd, but every1 is different, you here loads of stories on here where it's there 1st time and it's worked for them. My fingers are crossed for you Hun xxx

  • Lrh001 Yeah I have and it worries me so much but I have asked the nurses and they have told me not to worry as it's just coz my body is changing. I am so happy for you congratulations Hun xxx

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