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After nearly 3 years of TTC and then going private for fertility treatment I find out I'm pregnant! All my medication (delivered & paid for £700!!) is sitting in my cupboards and fridge as I was waiting for my menstral cycle to begin to start the injections! I was so shocked I had to do 3 tests just incase! Still shocked! Going to the doctors tomorrow for my 1st appointment. Feeling strange and overwhelmed! Keep positive ladies as miracles do happen. There's a few things I have changed in the last year which is drinking regular pine apple juice, only having white wine spritzers if I go out for a drink, religiously taking Conception Support & Folic Acid (both Boots own make). I don't know if any, all or none of these have helped but I wanted to share it with you lovely ladies incase it helps someone else. I also used an App on my IPhone called "My Days" which helped a lot re days i ovulating etc. It's still early days and I know I have to look after myself but I've dreamt about this moment for such a long time. If I can help you ladies out with anything and provide hope then hold onto that hope as miracles do happen!! Xx

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  • Congratulations!! That's really wonderful news! How far along are you? Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy :)

    I am also TTC and due for excision surgery in a few weeks. I was hoping to get pregnant naturally before the surgery but it looks like that won't happen, so I have my fingers crossed the surgery will help me and I will have another chance at TTC naturally before considering IVF...


  • Thanks Soub. I'm roughly 3-4 weeks. Very early stages but as I said I'm so shocked! Wishing you all the luck in the world Hun hope you havr some great news too very soon! Fingers and toes crossed! Xx

  • Huge congratulations hunni.D I am so happy for you . You're dead right miracles can and do happen. We're gonna keep trying till we start our ivf the way we see it it can't do any harm with ur mind off less it u never no ur luck ;) wishing u a very healthy and happy pregnancy . Take care of yourself and ur precious little baby so thrilled for you :) X x x x

  • Thanks Jess it is a miracle. Can't believe everything was put in place for IVF after we had been trying for so long then boom right before we start the medication everything falls into place. I do feel really lucky but mindful at the same time it is early days. Don't know what to do with a this mediation now as it's all still packaged. A part of me thinks I should still hold on to it just incase but then I think to myself I shouldn't think like that! Emotions are all over the place! Xx

  • Thanks for the useful tip I've just downloaded he my days app on my i phone :) wishing you all the best for ur new exciting journey enjoy it you've waited a long time for this to happen.

    Jess X x x

  • It's a good lil App Hun helped me loads. Wishing you all the luck too Hun. Xx

  • Thanks Hun. I found the App really useful! Can't wait for the the next few months! Xx

  • Congratulations Mooster1 :) xxx

  • Thanks Hun. Xx

  • This is amazing news!!! x

  • Thanks Hun. It is amazing. Xx

  • Wow... that is great. Really really keep looking after yourself. I'm 8 weeks gone and all that makes me feel better is SLEEP. I am as healthy as I can be but when I need to sleep I just do it. Husband is very supportive and is completely involved and engaged which is brilliant.

    Your emotions are definitely going to be all over the place but keep focusing on the positive. I too have medications in my fridge (we were given double by accident but told to hold on to them 'just in case')... they are tucked away behind various things so I don't even think about the 'just in case'!

    This is amazing news for all of us... little miracles... I am so pleased for you!

  • Awww Hun that's fab news for you too! I still can't take it In! Me and hubby have waited for so long and just as we about to start the fertility I fall pregnant. I feel so lucky but scared at the same time. Being very cautious and know it's early days. I to have left the medication in the fridge. I will wait for a while and then try and figure out what to do with it! Look after yourself Hun. Xx

  • We tried for nearly four years on and off so I know what the wait feels like. I've been as chilled as possible about it and apart from a couple of days recently feeling quite sick and headachy (thankfully subsided after some decent sleep) I've felt fine. I'm not doing anything massively different and my body is naturally seeking the right food and drink (ham sandwiches and my thing at the moment!!)... It is SO exciting and yes it is early days for both of us but for us even to get this far is special... Keep enjoying :-)

  • Totally agree Hun. It is special. You will have to keep me posted. Look after yourself. Xx

  • Wow ! Big congrats that's amazing xxx

  • Thanks Hun. X

  • Congrats Hun, so happy for you. Stay well and I wish you a calm and easy pregnancy and labour xxx

  • Thanks Hun it's all rather nerve racking! X

  • Mooster amazing news!!! A big congrats to you girl!! You have proved to us that miracles happens and we have fingers and toes crossed for you to have great and successful pregnancy!!

    So does that mean that you can cancel your fertility treatment and return the medications?? And do you get a refund??

  • Thanks Hun miracles do indeed happen and praying it will happen for other lovely ladies on here too! In regards to my fertility treatment yes it will now be stopped but can't get any refund on the medication :-( xx

  • Nevermind a refund!!! This goodnews over rides everything else. Keep us updated through out please

  • It sure does Hun! Money doesn't really come in to it as I know there are lots of ladies who like me would give anything for the chance of a baby. Xx

  • I agree with you 200% hun!! But truely your story is a miracle!! And gives hopes to us ladies. I have been ttc for years aswell. And at the stage of downregging in about 2weeks time. Fingers crossed

  • I have my meds and injections already at home aswell. Will start downregging in 2weeks and hopefully be able start stims injections after my next period

  • I hope it does give other ladies hope. Things certainly do happen when you are least expecting! wishing you all the luck in the world too Hun. Xx

  • I agree with you 200% hun!! But truely your story is a miracle!! And gives hopes to us ladies. I have been ttc for years aswell. And at the stage of downregging in about 2weeks time. Fingers crossed

  • I agree with you 200% hun!! But truely your story is a miracle!! And gives hopes to us ladies. I have been ttc for years aswell. And at the stage of downregging in about 2weeks time. Fingers crossed

  • That made me cry. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations!!

  • Awww thanks Hun Tiz quite a shock! X

  • Congratulations mooster1 that's brill news xxx

  • Thanks Hun. Very excited. Xx

  • Mooster, brilliant post to read. Double good news not only are you pregnant but naturally so gives us all hope. Look after yourself and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x

  • Thanks Hun. Xx

  • excellent congratulations.. so pleased for you. Look after yourself and keep us posted

  • Thank Hun. Will do! Xx

  • Congratulations xxx

  • That's Hun. Xx

  • Congratulations!miracles happen when you least expect it.wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy.xx

  • They certainly do Hun! You never think they'll happen to you though as it's such a tough position to be in. Sometimes it hard to even envisage light at the end of the tunnel. We have had so many sad times but have pulled through & now I feel I have the ultimate reward. Wishing you lots of luck too Hun. Xx

  • Great news x

  • Thanks Hun. X

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