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What have you told your boss/work??

Hi, I'm getting closer to starting the IVF process now, the clinic are going to be mailing me a list out for all of my appointments in the next couple of days so I'm just wondering what other people have told there work, because I'm unsure of what to do, firstly me and my partner work together in the same building, so we're.going to have to have all the same time off, shall I just say I've got hospital appointments, will they ask what they're for? Or shall I just book the days off as holiday? Unfortunately the hospital is a good hour and 15 minutes away from work, so if I have an afternoon appointment I'm going to be out all afternoon, Any advice on what to do? My husband doesn't really want to say anything but I can't see any way round it. Thanks

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With most places of work you're allowed to have time off for Doctor/hospital appointments and as long as you make them aware in plenty of time when they are and you've tried to work them around your normal working pattern then they should be ok for you having it off. Again this is only as far as I know you shouldn't really need to tell them what the time off is for.. However you might find you want too as it's a really stressful process and I am sure you're aware can lead to depression and anxiety issues. It is tricky with you and your partner working in the same place I imagine. Also talk to your clinic they should be able to give you written notification of appointments suitable to pass on to your employers. This is mostly going on what my clinic have said and how I know things work at my job. I have told my work as it's such a small team and I have required a fair bit of time off for different things. Good luck with it all! x


I know where I work you aren't entitled to any time off for drs appointments etc, as I've been attending a hospital recently to see a cardiology consultant and had a lot of appointments for tests etc. I've had no trouble getting the time off to attend the appointments, but have had to either take holidays or use flexi time and work the hours I miss by staying late. Once you are pregnant there is a requirement to give you paid time off for maternity related appointments, and you need to show your appointment card, but I don't think there is any requirement to give you paid time off for other types of appointment such as IVF clinic. Probably best to check your companies policy and then possibly speak to a HR manager in confidence, as they are not allowed to pass this type of details on to other members of staff or your line manager without your express permission. I hope this helps?



I am an ex-HR Manager and have also been thru a number of rounds of ICSI whilst juggling my career around it - and I know its not easy, I really empathise!

Unfortunately, as the other ladies have said, there is no legislation for employers to offer time off for any Drs or hospital appts, let alone those relating specifically to IVF. If I had my way, there certainly would be and I've been lucky enough to work as a HR Manager that offered our staff lots of support when going thru treatment and was also lucky enough that my own last employer helped me through 4 rounds of IVF in 2 years.

Luck obviously played a part in my employer supporting me but I also made a conscious choice, even when it was initially uncomfortable, to be open and upfront from the very beginning - as soon as me and hubby got the go-ahead for our first cycle, i met with my male boss and told him what was going. I laid out the time off I'd probably need upfront and prepared for him things I would do to try and make the time off affect my job as little as possible i.e. arranging cover with notice whenever possible, making early or late day appts when I had the opportunity to and offering to work slightly different hours if it would help. I also offered to use some holiday if required but I was never asked to. My hubby did the same in both job he had over the 4 rounds and he was also well supported, both in a military role and then in a small set up business. I was told that my honesty and flexibility was appreciated throughout.

There's no getting away from the fact that it is tough juggling the two things, I remember injecting myself in motorway lay-bys and service stations and having to lie to colleagues when I had to send someone else to yet another meeting - but I knew it was for the right reasons and thats what you have to remember!

Hopefully, one day, time off for IVF will become compulsory, but in the meantime, this worked for me (I am a very open person so guess that made it easier).

Try not to use holidays from the beginning if you can help it, or you may find that by the end of the cycle, you have very little left for anything else!

Good luck



Hi Jessica888 do you know what protocol you will be on. I didn't tell my manager! To be honest the worry of the time off was the only stressful part but I didn't need to worry. Obviously depending on your cycle there will be long periods where you will just be injecting yourself. I was on the long protocol. I booked the day off for my nurses appointment before treatment started, then had to call them when my A/F started they told me when to start my down reg drugs and booked me in for a blood test and scan giving me over 4 weeks notice. You then are given a date for follow up scan when you start your stim drugs again given at least a weeks notice. It is at this point the scans may be more frequent but they will usually be in the morning so you only need to take half day leave. I was lucky had scan 7 days after being on my stims on a Wednesday then was booked for my EC the following Monday so had a good few days notice. I had previous warned my boss that I may have to take leave at short notice for a hospital treatment. So took 4 days off during EC and ET.

So you can fit it in, of course this depends on where you work so you will know best. Whatever you choose to do good luck.


Hi if you do decide to tell your manager they have to keep it confidential. So dont worry about it spreading around your work place. I found it best to tell my manager she was very supportive with making sure I could have the time off work and with the emotional side aswell. Work places have policies in place so ask your manager for a copy of ivf policy. I was given a cpl days paid for appointments. My clinic is also an hour away from my work place so I asked my clinic for the earliest appointments so I could go back to work afterwards. Also after you have had your eggs transferred you will have to do light duties at work x


Hi ladies thank you for all your very informative replies. I've received our list of appointments from the clinic and so far we have:

-9/4/14 @ 1pm- so I've booked off the afternoon because I know that I won't make it back to work that day.

-23/4/14 @ 9am- I'm thinking of telling my boss this is a hospital appointment / or I might just book it as a mornings holiday

-02/5/14 @ 9am- I'm thinking of telling my boss this is a hospital appointment / or I might just book it as a mornings holiday

And then they've just said that they're booking us in for theatre WC 06/05/14.

I really don't want to be open with my boss and tell him what's going on because he has the biggest mouth going and we work on a building site and nothing is private


For me it was very simple - I went to my GP and asked for a note and they signed me off for the entire 2 weeks of egg collection & transfer.

I have also been very open with my work and colleagues and have found them all to be very supportive and understanding, which has relaxed me a lot.


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