10 weeks pregnant and still suffering from what I believe is ohss pain. My gp sent a urine sample for tests which came back clear. I still have a sharp pain particularly when I urinate. I've been discharged from the ivf clinic and am now in between seeing my gp and first antenatal appointment. My gp doesn't seem overly concerned but said to go back if it gets worse. Does this sound normal and should I insist on a scan now?

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  • Sorry to hear that puplepixie. But congratulations on your BFP. The last post I read from you you were saying that you'd thought it was all over becasue you thought AF had come ! xx Could it be a urinary tract infection?

  • Thanks. The feeling of AF coming were the beginning of the ohss and it hasn't eased yet. I've already been tested for a urine infection and nothing. Going back to the doctors today so will see what they say.

  • Hi Purplepixie. Sorry to hear about your continuing pain. It does seem a little late to be OHSS. I do think that a scan would be in order though, just in case it should be a persistent ovarian cyst. Hope all goes well with your GP appointment. Diane

  • I am sorry to hear about ur pain but on the other hand a massive congratulations. Well done hang in there hopefully the pain passes and u r able to enjoy ur pregnancy. Xx

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