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I had by first baby twelve weeks ago and thought I could be pregnant again so I took a pregnancy test which had a faint positive line but did a few more and they were all negative so I just forgot about it but then a week or so later I started bleeding extremely heavily with lots of big clots but put it down to being a heavy first period but it lasted for two weeks and just before I stopped bleeding (stopped bleeding three days ago) I did another test that had a faint positive line but now all the tests I do are negative (have done 9 tests over three days). I think maybe I’ve had a miscarriage. have a few questions. If I have had a miscarriage would this effect my supply? I feel like it’s gone down. Also, is there any point in me going to the doctors now, is there anything they could do? Will they be able to tell me if I had a miscarriage? Thank you

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I'm really puzzled what this actually might be. From the first line of your message I bet I thought it was chemical. But then all this heavy bleeding and clots and 2wks long..I'm not sure doc might be able to tell you know accurately if it was a mc. I believe blood tests are needed for this or some ultrasound scan to get the problem nailed. Anyway, I'd recommend having a good consultation with your doc. I'm sorry you've faced this. but I truly think whatever it was it wouldn't effect your general supply. Stay well and take good care.

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