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YES! One step closer to actual treatment! Only got to wait another 4 weeks for my next appointment which will be to start my injections, I think?

But I thought that would have happened at today's appointment, but it was just to receive all the results for Hormone level, AMH Level, and Sperm analysis; (the bloods all came back good) and to receive a bit more info about IVF as I am now definitely 'qualified'...

Everything was great except for my AMH (eggs) level was nearer the low side, probably because I am 34; no longer a spring chicken. But I'm not to worry apparently, this is quite normal. :)

The fertility said that with people of my age there is a 50% chance, or success rate. Not sure if this is an accurate mathematical statistic, but I am not letting it bring me down. I'm sure that when 'normal' women try for a baby it's about the same kind of 'percentage'? Surely? Lots of women older than me by a good few years have had successful pregnancies, sooo.

Okay; so it's time to play the waiting game again! ..............................................................

Praying, praying, praying.

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Hi, hun! First of all let me wish you all the best of luck with your treatment.

We both had issues whilst following the treatment plans. Dh- low count and motility. Me - ripe age with severe stage endo. amh was low but we gave a try to IUI an ICSI shots. In vain unfortunately. Then found ourselves overseas going through egg donation route.

I always say cases differ much. As far as you feel you're in good hands your chances are high. Wishing you the best of luck and support!

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