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'Little Swimmers' Test Tomorrow (EEEK)


On the 8th March I had my very first appointment at the fertility. We were literally called in by the nurse at our exact appointment time 11:15 am. The nurse asked whether my doctor had already taken bloods, etc., to speed things up, which unfortunately, my answer was no; however, they did swabs, internal scan and arranged for my bloods all within 30 mins, along with all the paper work and everything! They also booked my partner in for his sperm test, which is tomorrow at 8:am.

So Close Yet So Far Away...

I am due on my period around the 22nd which is when I can go and have my bloods taken, to test my hormones (I think), and there's an optional test you can have, privately, not on the NHS, which you pay £80. for and this can tell them whether or not I need injections for ''follicle stimulation' or 'egg production' ... can't think now what it's for now, but it sounds important, so I think I'm going for that soon.

I just can't wait to sit down with my partner and finally find out how all the tests went! This date will be 11th April. I can relax a little once I know I'm all good and my partner's 'little-swimmers' are too! :)

I feel so nervous for his test tomorrow. I try not to talk about it much, and I dare not ask how he's going to 'support' himself in this task, he's under enough pressure as it is, I'm sure.

This situation must be very hard for some couples; most couples. It's also hard all the things we have to go through to be able to have a child. All the questions you're asked too, so they can decide whether it's okay for you to have a chance to conceive. So annoying, but we just got to grin and bear it all, I suppose.

What do you ladies think? And how did you deal with these things?

Thanks :) x

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