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Anxiety and Panic Attacks!

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Hi Girls! I've been having really bad panic attacks. Nothing has changed to trigger them but they are just horrendous. I am functioning on such little sleep because of the anxiety and last night took a panic attack that actually really scared me.

I spoke to Dr who doesnt want to put me on medication and to be honest I don't want to go on anything either because feel Ive enough to worry about without worrying if the meds are safe enough etc.

Has anyone had these attacks and can anyone recommend anything that helped? I couldn't even go to my mums on Sunday cause I knew all my family would be there and its too many people (which is the opposite of who I am!). Really feel like I am losing who I am in this horrible journey.

TIA xx

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Sorry to hear your suffering from panic attacks, that can't be nice. I understand you not wanting to take medication, it might be worth while asking you GP about CBT? I've heard good things about it.

My partner suffered very badly with panic attacks, he also had the OCD and depression along with it. He's now on medication which I have to say has been amazing, such an improvement in him, it did take around a month to work but he's so much better. CBT is something he was offered although he's not had it yet, but a work colleague I know has and highly recommend it.

This journey is extremely overwhelming and it may well be that the stress of the journey is triggering your panic attacks? Without you really realising, it's playing at the back of your brain.

Hope your ok 😘 Xxx

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