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Liver disease or cancer? Please help 😭 CT and ultrasound results below


Okay so to cut the long story short, since January I’ve lost 52lbs (I’m a larger woman to begin with but this is obviously a significant drop in weight) and it doesn’t seem to stop falling off me. I honestly believe that I have cancer, but I don’t know where, so my GP sent me for a CT scan of the abdomen, pelvis and thorax as my symptoms are widespread. My main symptoms drastic weight loss, change in stools (yellow/orange colour, floating, diarrhoea), constant nausea, feeling full, fatigue, vague pains on right of abdomen which still feel prominently in the right of my colon rather than higher up, and peripheral neuropathy.. over the past couple of months I’ve developed swollen lymph nodes on the right of my neck including my right supraclavicular lymph node, which I know is not a good sign at all. Before they were visibly enlarged I would often feel burning pain in the lymph nodes in the right of my neck, chest and head. I would get burning from the base of the right of my skull down my neck, shoulder and right arm and nobody believed there was a lymph node issue until they’re now visible. All of my blood liver function tests have always been normal.

The CT scan results are as follows:

Ill-defined heterogenous hypodense area is noted in right hepatic lobe

parenchyma along falciform ligament on series 5 image 19.

Ultrasound/dedicated MRI liver may be considered for further

evaluation. No further focal or diffuse hepatic pathology seen.

Uncomplicated cholelithiasis noted. Intra and extrahepatic biliary

channels are not dilated.

So I was referred for an MRI, but the hospital wanted to do an ultrasound rather than an MRI. I had the ultrasound and these are the results:

US scan of liver Heterogenous lesion seen in right lobe on CT

The liver is normal in size and echogenicity. There is increased

echogenicity noted around the falciform ligament which can be a normal

variant. No focal abnormality seen. The intrahepatic ducts and CBD

are not dilated.

Normal directional flow demonstrated within the portal vein.

The gallbladder is contracted around calculi.

The pancreas is of normal appearance.

The spleen is enlarged and measures 13.3cm.

I see the haematologist on Monday regarding the enlarged right lymph nodes in my neck area and also the enlarged spleen. The gastroenterologist doesn’t want to bother with me and the dr doesn’t want to do an MRI now and I’m highly concerned because I have no idea what on Earth is wrong with me. The right of my brain doesn’t feel right, it’s like the right hand side of my body isn’t the same as the left of my body. I feel really disorientated and the mental state and shoulder and neck pain is worse than the abdominal problems.

Please can someone shed insight, does anyone relate to anything I’ve said? I really need answers and help, I’m really scared. Thank you

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Hi Krissy

It sounds like you are really struggling. Sorry to hear of that. Can't really tell you much as you are dealing with needing a diagnosis. If it was me, with those tests, I would try to get a referral to a hepatologist. I'd be asking about the density in the right lobe of the liver and the enlarged spleen.


KrissyRawrz in reply to nash2

I had previously been referred to a gastroenterologist who wouldn’t even bother with me as my liver function tests were normal (but I haven’t had AFP) and I’m seeing a haematologist on Monday due to the lymph nodes and spleen. Do you think they will be able to help me with this? I don’t know how to be referred anywhere else at this point 😭

nash2Administrator in reply to KrissyRawrz

Understanding what is going on with your lymph nodes is prudent so you may learn more from that step. The doctor can refer you to a liver specialist, not a gastroenterologist, if there are any in your area. Ask them if they will refer you to a hepatologist. It can be hard to find them. In my area the closest one is 300 miles away so it is a problem for a lot of patients.

KrissyRawrz in reply to nash2

Oh wow I see. I’m not sure we have any here but I will definitely ask, and if not I will nag the gastroenterologist definitely

Do you know if NAFLD / NASH can cause the symptoms I’m experiencing? 😨 sorry I’m honestly beside myself with worry

nash2Administrator in reply to KrissyRawrz

Liver disease can have a lot of varied symptoms because the liver is the chemical factory for the body so it can be difficult to diagnose. For most people there is more than one thing going on so symptoms can overlap . We can't really guess about your condition, but that is why it is important to see a specialist if you can. One thing to keep in mind is that worry and anxiety make everything worse. It might help to try to find ways to relax a bit. Hard to do I know but worth the effort for most.

KrissyRawrz in reply to nash2

Yes I understand that, thank you. I am wondering if more than one condition is at play here and if they just came to light at the same time. I will keep pushing until I get to the bottom of this. Have you ever experienced neuropathy yourself?

nash2Administrator in reply to KrissyRawrz

Some neuropathy, minor really, but a lot of the people here have had it

KrissyRawrz in reply to nash2

Thank you for all of your responses I really appreciate it

Have you had your albumin, globulin, protein checked? If protein is not being digested properly due to disease that can make you lose weight.

These are all of the liver function tests that I’ve had:

ALP 98 iu/L [30.0 - 120.0]

Serum albumin level 49 g/L [35.0 - 50.0]

Serum total bilirubin level 11 umol/L [0.0 - 21.0]

Plasma alkaline phosphatase level 91 u/L [30.0 - 130.0]

Serum alanine aminotransferase level 38 u/L [7.0 - 40.0]

What is your Total Protein?

Which test is it that says that please? These are the only liver function tests I have

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