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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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"The most frustrating thing about being diagnosed with fatty liver or NASH is…"

@What the heck is it?" "Where does it come from?" "Why me"

A diagnosis should only be the beginning, I know for some that is very comforting, they have a name to give or a reason for their symptoms (if they had any) now. But most patients, and I was one, who was not given any advice apart from - "lose a bit of weight"even though I was atypical and didn't really fit the profile. I guess I never realised that it could be serious, as my symptoms were more to do with irritable bowel, indigestion and boating. I was only reminded of the disease when I had bloods taken and my LFT's were raised. Never told I needed to make some focused changes or the disease could progress to Cirrhosis or God forbid cancer! Really there should be more advise available or an education forum for newly diagnosed patients (Like Desmond for newly diagnosed Diabetes patient), informing them of risks and the need for lifestyle changes.

Actually the raising of awareness as a preventative stance would be so much better but unfortunately this is sadly lacking in the NHS. Little funding or resources are spent on preventative health, neither are patients empowered to take any responsibility for their own health - its so much easier to hand out pills!

So, me? After over 40 yrs as a nurse with extensive experience, have had enough of the 'medical model of care' and am increasingly embarking on blowing the nutrition trumpet, studying and advocating (after much research) for a fresh look at the old research in a quest to stem the tide of obesity, Diabetes and fatty liver (amongst the worst) by reducing carbs and de-villifying fat, as it obviously has not worked over the last 30 yrs! Its time to re evaluate the Status Quo and be more proactive in prevention so we can pass on new ways of eating to our children before we lose not only this generation to poor quality of life but also a younger generation prematurely!

Oh and on a final note, lets not blame our DNA (that"s another cop out) its 95% lifestyle and I have proven that by reversing the fatty liver I USED to have.

I urge you all to try it!

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I agree that we need to change the way we are eating. However, I believe that the industry needs to share the blame for our current status and the ootential future health burden.

I have a very healthy diet now but when I was younger and working shifts, it was easier to grab a can of coke and a packet of crisps. My svelt figure never altered so there was no reason for me to be concerned about my eating habbits. No one told me about the amount of sugar and fat that I was consumming and the effects this could have later in life. Like you, I was a healthcare prifessional so I wasn't totally naive.

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I have the same NAFLD told to lose weight, can you explain what you did & is there a diet available for it? I am currently trying to lose weight & going to the gym, but I want to make sure that I am eating properly, this NAFLD is crucial for me my doctor stated there is 4% in my liver, please advise thanks.


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