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Almost two years come May .... it's been a long struggle not easy to look in the mirror and see little improvement.... but I keep the faith

Sounds crazy but only until I went to my eye doctor did I get help in the right direction ... he gave me a prescription and it works .... I want to share it with all of you it's called

Acyclovir it's very inexpensive and it does work .... I wish you all well

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Why did he give you Acyclovir? That’s an anti viral drug, which they give you (along with steroids), when first diagnosed with Bell’s. It’s suppose to clear up the herpes infection.

How is it helping? Did you have an infection?


Can you tell me how this has helped?


I too am interested to know how you define it works. Have been prescribed acyclovir for shingles in the past, it alleviate the symptoms but does not alter the physical aspect..


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