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Is there a resource for clinics that do botox injections for synkinesis?

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I had BP almost 10 years ago, i guess i am quite lucky that i only have slight synkinesis on my left side. I have recently been trying to improve the look and feel of the muscles on my affected side with stretching and exercises. I think its helped a bit. I am getting married in a couple of months and maybe being a bit vain, but i dont want my left eye to half close when i smile. Which i hope to be doing a lot of, and there will be a lot of pictures being taken! Im trying to find a london based clinic to get botox for my eye lid but so far ive only found super expensive places (£700!) or other places that dont reply to my emails? Is there a resource for reasonably priced clinics that offer botox injections? Cheap is good but i dont want them to screw up the injection and stop me from blinking!

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Hi. I have synkinesis as well on my left side. I have not tried Botox but I am thinking about it. My left side of my mouth is still a bit droopy and my smile is off. They say that you do Botox on the opposite side to even everything out. My left eye closes as well when I smile or drink. Those are nerves in redirected parhways so I don’t know where you would administer Botox. I think Botox is expensive everywhere. I’m not familiar with places in UK as I live in the USA. If you have a dermatologist they might be able to refer you to someone reputable. Good luck!!!

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Hi! I am from Birmingham in the UK and I have had BOTOX injections. I think they did work a little for me. I can’t have them now as I am pregnant. Where about do you live? Are you in England?

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Hi. I live in the USA. I was wondering what sort of clinics you go to for facial exercises. Many wrote about these clinics. Are they physical therapists that work with you or specific facial clinics. Just wondering because there are none here that I know of. I found one person who specialized in facial exercises but she was very far from where I live and it was also costly. I might try the Botox. Thank you for your input.

Hi, I've been getting BOTOX for 2years now and for myself it's made such a difference.

I receive it under my eye on the affected side (left side) to stop the twitching and tightness. I also have a few injections above my right eyebrow to even out the movement. I have on occasions had it under my right eye but this is for more cosmetic reasons (I'm 29 now and have a few little lines appearing)

I have been lucky enough to find a surgeon willing to give me it through the NHS and I would recommend you doing the same. I live in the north of England though so I'm unable to suggest a surgeon in afraid. I hope you find success and if I can help in anyway just ask ☺

I have just read your post relating to Botox l am currently awaiting my GP letting me know if l can have it. I also live in North of England and wondered which hospital you attended so l can look into it myself. Plus is Botox good for the eye to mouth twitch please

Hi, I am sorry sorry for the late reply I haven't been using the app. I hope you've been able to get your referral but if not I go so Sheffield Hallamshire Hospital. I personally don't suffer from a mouth twitch only in my eye so wouldn't like to advise on that. It's made a big difference to my effected eye though...not twitching! I'd love to know how you're getting on and if you need any further help 😊

Hi. If you e-mail Facial Palsy UK they will tell you who your nearest specialists are.

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