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Is it really Bell's Palsy?

Hello, last week my right eyes wont close completely and had a really dry eyes on that eye and a slight blurred vision on that side then after a day i notice that food gets stuck on my right gum and cant move my right jaw properly I notice a slight drooping in it too when smiling. Got to the doctor and said it was bells palsy and prescribed a steroids and vitamins to fasten up the healing after 3 days it is gone and all is back to normal. So is this really a mild form of bells palsy cause it heals pretty fast or something else entirely? Also I dont have high blood, and doest drink and smoke cigars and 21 yrs old. Thanks.

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I was quite surprised that my symptoms started recovering as quick as they had started. 3 weeks after onset I woke up one morning able to close my eye, raise my eyebrow and partially move my mouth. I didn't by any means wake up with a full recovery, but it was noticeable and quick. Yours does sound particularly short, however it all depends how and to what extent the nerve is damaged. Take the full dose of steroids, even if you think you're back to normal, and if you're concerned it's coming back or you start getting other symptoms you wouldn't expect with BP go back to your GP.

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Yeah i think why mine healed fast because the extent of nerve damage is not so severe and has been treated with a ton of steroids early. Good to hear you also recovered quick from BP. Almost a month in now and I feel pretty normal just dealing with the side effects of being in steroids now. Thanks for the reply.

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