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Bells Palsy related?

I hadells Palsy 10 years ago. My right eye tears on its own from time to time. Sometimes it tears when I eat.

I recently started having trouble with my eyesight in my right eye. There is pressure behind the retina which causes me to have no vision in the very center of my right eye. Could this also be related to my Bells Palsy?

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I have been having trouble with keys sticking on my computer. It should read "I had Bells Palsy."


Sorry I can't be much comfort but I think you should be referred to an eye clinic which specialised in treating Bell's palsy sufferers.

I too had Bell's palsy some ten years ago, I was not satisfied with the eye clinic at moorfields so asked to be referred to the oxford university trust. Their unit specialised in Bell's palsy.

Give it a try for your own peace of mind.

Best wishes



I take an eye drop in my eye every night to relieve the pressure on my eye, l don't think l will ever get my smile back properly......


maybe. best see a dr who may recommend an MRI

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Thank you


I had Bells Palsy 40 years ago. Like you, my right eye will "cry" occasionally, and especially when eating tasty food (seems to be linked, as bland food doesn't have this effect).

I'd suggest you get to an optician who is up to speed with Bells Palsy, either directly or via referral from your GP. If you drive you may need to inform the DVLA, but check with your optician first.


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