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Bell's Palsy

Is there anyone who has had the Labbe surgery (lengthening temporalis myoplasty)? Smile reanimation for Bell's Palsy. Need to find information and talk to people who have had this surgery.

*for my own personal research, I've had Bell's Palsy almost 3 years)

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Hello, I was wondering if you have been offered a facial rehabilitation programme including physio and botox? I'm going to come back to you with some information about the Labbe.

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Yes I've had physio and still am, and have tried acupuncture also. Botox was decided by both me and doctor that it wouldn't help. The exact reason why I cannot remember. Thank you very much for your help

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I have a lot of information on the Labbé surgery itself,I'm more trying to find people who have had it so I can get personal experiences with it :)

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Hi Sophie,

I have also had Bell's Palsy for coming up 3 years this March (not that i've been counting). What sort of physio are you having? All I had from mine was the electrical stimulation machine which I did for a long time and then after a while they referred me on to plastic surgery and didn't offer me any other physio. The plastic surgery team took videos and were going to see how it improves, if it does but I need to chase them up because they haven't got back to me. I haven't tried botox or acupuncture I just presumed it was too late to do anything else.

My eye has a slower blink and is more watery than the other and I still cannot really smile.

I'd be keen to know about anything that you have tried that has helped you as you have had it for a similar length of time to me.



My physio just tells me to massage my face, thumb inside cheek, press and stretch it several times (starting from jaw to mouth), massage vigorously above eyebrow. Things like that. It hasn't really helped me though, I had the tens-machine thing which also didn't do anything. Botox was decided by both me and doctor that it wasn't for me and acupuncture also have no affect. It's never too late to try things I don't think, botox may help you so it might be worth looking into.



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