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it get's better

I have the same as you I'm now getting Botox in my left side of my face as I was diagnosed with bells palsy on the first of December 2015. when I first found out that I had it my mum thought that I had a stroke and I was scared but when I went to see my doctor she said that I had bell's palsy and from there I was sent to hospital and I'm undergoing Botox and physiotherapy but it does get better as I go on but some days I still get these pains in my left side of my face.

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Sorry to hear that your still having problems I understand how difficult it can be though for me it is very important to remain positive and stay focused during the healing process I am doing everything possible with my learned knowledge about Bells to ensure that I give myself every chance to fully recover, I avoid stressful situations, get plently of rest, eat healthy and totally avoid alcohol basically listen to my bodies signals. I have read that pain at the rear of the head and side of the face is quite common during the recovery process, though should this become too intense go back and see your GP. I am on day 20 since my diagnosis still having quite a lot of pain but my face muscles are starting to regain movement. Don't give up stay positive.


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