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I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy 14 days ago and the onset of paralysis on the left side of my face happened really fast which was due to a viral ear infection. Went to A&E and was prescribed 40mg of Prendnisolone daily for 5 days initially then my GP continued this for a further 5 days. My left eye was quite dry and sore and I have also benn using Celluvise eye drops and Lacri-Lube eye ointment. Its really important to maintain moisture in the eye to prevent infection and corneal ulcers. I am also taking B12 Supplements to help with the regeneration/repair of the cranial nerve. The initial stage got me a little down but you have to remain positive and focus on full recovery as there's no point focusing in on the negatives it doesn't stop you being the same person you was before Bells. I am now able to blink albeit not at the same rate as my right eye and there is some very slight movement in some parts of my face. Saw my GP yesterday and he's really please with my progress so far. I still have quite alot of pain in the left side of my head feels like l've been hit with a metal bar a bit sore especially at night laying down thank goodness for hot water bottles and pain killers. My left side feels live someone has hit me in the face feels bruised but I think that its down to the repair of the nerve. It doesn't take me long to be fatigued but I listen to my body and rest when I can, though I'm still working no sick time. The main thing is to look after yourself remain positive this is only a small challenge compared with other people who have far worse problems. Don't stop smiling we can all get through this especially with the support of each other...

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Hey Michael well today marks 5weeks since a stroke and bells sent my world into a spin

I have finished all the steroids etc and my speech has started to return to normal

The only downside is my face

I can't smile straight my right eye still won't close and the pain in the cranial nerve is getting me down

I'm kind of over it now just want my body back

Im still tired all the time but hey drs said I'm doing well and that it's going to take time given I got the double whammy stroke on left and bells on right

I'm just not a very patient patient in a nurse BT profession and man this thing is just so frustrating

I'm taking b12 like u and all sorts of wholistic stuff to build up my immune system

Everyone says I dodged a bullet I reckon I got both barrels blazing

But hey at least I'm alive and up and moving around

Hope u continue to improve

Carmel in Australia


Carmel thank you for your support his site is a great way of knowing that you are not on your own and though no one knows each other we can give help to each other in a more positive and supportive manner than any medical practitioner or book. I'm really sorry to hear that you have had a stroke as wells as Bell's though the key in my mind is to get plenty of rest, staying positive and believe that you will recover as the mind is a more powerful healer than is the body. In my experience people still see you as the same person before the challenges we currently have. I'm a health and safety consultant here in the UK and have seen many clients over the past few weeks struggled talking especially pronouncing my b's and P's, I must say I've have many laughs as well as sympathy not that I want that but I am still the same person inside. If people don't want to accept the way I am now so what! Shame on them....no one knows what's around the corner!

Is been about 22 days since I was diagnosed thankfully the nerve is regenerating and I have quite a lot of movement in my face back, though the pain is still intense at the back of my head/neck but use a hot water bottle and self adhesive heat pads which is a great help! I'm sure that the pain is associated with the healing process so I see this as being a positive.

Remember you are still the same person I hope that you start feeling much better soon



Oh Mike thk u for ur words of support

Yes the mind is the controller of our bodies it can heal u or kill u

Hey Mike just wondering has the bells affected your focus in your eye my eyes ability to focus us still quite scary

My right eye is the bells affected eye and it has a mind if it's own it won't close but my left eye focus us whacked

I have had it since the stroke but notice it getting worse not better

Anyhow not to complain hope you continue to improve and feel better soon



My left side is the problem side and I have noticed that my focal vision has been impaired but I've been using eye drops and eye oimtment frequently to ensure that the cornea remains lubricated in order to prevent corneal ulcers. I'm short sighted anyway and wear my glasses most of the time especially driving but after my recovery will get my eyes tested to make sure my vision has not deteriated. I understand that opticians can detect health conditions and are able to advise on early intervention if required


Oh thk u for that

I am a little concerned about it as my job as a nurse requires me being able to read things clearly and at the moment it's a struggle mainly wen I get tired

I can tell u though I'm over this

I was having some really good days feeling better and stronger then the bells demon awoke again yesterday and boy I have had a crap 24hours

I know it's part of it but omg I was so frustrated with myself

Then I got a case of the sads and poor me mentality just made it worse lol

Today woken nothing much has changed but I woke thkd the guy upstairs for giving me another day and now sitting here chatting with u has given me the encouragement to shake off the blues and get on with it

Just wish I could throw the head pain

Anyhow that's life at the moment

Hope your night is treating u well



Hi Carm, how's things? Are you feeling any better?


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