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Facial Palsy Research - Can you Help?

My name is Laura Davies and I am a final year Trainee Counselling Psychologist at the University of the West of England, Bristol. As part of my doctoral training, I am interested in how the sense of ‘self’ (this includes our identity and personality) develops in individuals who are born with Facial Palsy. This is an area which has personal relevance for me as I was born with Facial Palsy. I am passionate about helping shape support for people with our condition in future and I hope that my research will help to do this.

I am looking to recruit participants aged 18 and above who are living with any form of Facial Palsy that has been present since birth. This includes conditions that developed before birth or those that developed during birth.

If you are interested in participating you can choose to be interviewed face to face (depending on location) or via Skype, FaceTime or telephone. If you are interested in being interviewed, or if you would like further information then please contact me on the email address provided here: Laura16.Davies@live.uwe.ac.uk

Alternatively, you may prefer to complete an anonymous online survey. You will be required to read the information sheet before participating and to consider whether you want to participate at this time. You can start the survey and save it to come back to it later, so it’s not necessary to complete it all in one go.

Please click here to begin the survey:


Thank you very much for considering taking part, it is greatly appreciated.

Best Wishes

Laura Davies

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