Hello BP twice

Hi, I really feel everyones heartache who suffers with BP .I had this a good 4/5 years ago ..The doc gave me anti viral stuff and it cleared up within a month or so , The only thing I could put it down to was stress , anyway I never had it again and never thought I would ..Well today was the day it happened , all of a sudden I had a flare up , so as it's the second time I was worrid about my face , so rang doc's up and told them the meds I need , well they wasn't having any of it , They wooshed me off to hospital with blues and twos to rule out a stroke, despite me telling them it was BP again ..straight in for a CT scan which they found a brain in there so all was good lol ..But no one has really told me what brings this on ? I know it says a viral thing , but is it stress? and im shocked to see a lot of you never got treatment straight away.

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  • Have they given you steroids now? You must have them within 72 hours of it starting for them to be effective. Sorry to hear you have it again. No one really knows what causes it although there have been some links with viruses and stress.

  • Really sorry to hear that you got it again, I think the main thing is to try not get to stress , I used a hot water bottle and felt it helped

  • This is my second time so really feel for you. Had it 27 years ago knew exactly what it was when I woke up 3 weeks ago .

  • It's not viral. Steroids are required within 72 hours of onset. It is inflammation of the cranial nerve which (in my opinion) is caused by either stress and or a compromised immune system. Steroids, rest and eye maintenance are key to recovery. The school of thought on antiviral intervention is old school and generally not thought to have any affect on speeding up the recovery of the inflamed cranial nerve that is causing the paralysis. Hope that helps?

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