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Still no blink mechanism



I’ve had Bells Palsy for 2 months now and whilst movement in my face is improving the blink mechanism around my eye doesn’t appear to have improved. How long should I wait before returning to my GP and asking to be referred to a specialist?

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Same here..I had some improvement around my cheeck, even my forehead. But my eye movement still zero, even my neurologist very much surprise by it..because of her patient mostly heal in a month, and the longest is 3 month. But for me, my neurologist asked me to always come back every 2 weeks.,and she's still giving me anti-inflamantory medicine till now, and she's giving me vitamin b,c,and e. Even though I don't know why.

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I’ve not been referred to a neurologist. Should I have been?

Yes, in the States it’s usually one of the first Dr.’s you see. They will diagnose BP and usually put you on prednisone and an antiviral for 1-2 weeks. Since your blink mechanism still hasn’t recovered I strongly suggest you go see a neuro-ophthalmologist who specialize in neurological eye disorders.

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