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Supplements for constipation

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Hi, is anyone giving their child any supplements / prebiotics/ probiotics which seem to help with constipation ? Thanks !

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Hi Mabel,

I have to start this with a disclaimer - probiotics, supplements and prebiotics cannot treat constipation. The only thing that can do that is a disimpaction and daily dose!

However, probiotics, prebiotics etc. can safely be used alongside a disimpaction and daily dose to increase gut diversity and we do hear of people giving them a go. There is a really good book by Megan Rossi explaining how to increase gut diversity using probiotic-rich foods. A snapshot is available on her free blog post:

Hope that helps

Kate @ERIC

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Mabel40 in reply to ERIC-Charity

Thankyou for the reply, we have just completed disimpaction after struggling for a long time and poor advice from gps. I’m hoping things are going to be better once we have settled on the daily dose, but obviously want to do everything we can to help the situation so I will definitely give that a read 😊.

We use the Bioglan chocolate balls for kids which you can get on Amazon. The paediatric gastro consultant we saw suggested them, with all the same caveats Karen makes below! They aren’t a magic bullet but have been part of what we have been doing over the last 18 months or so to try and help my daughter, and things are going well (touch wood!). My top tip is that they are yummy… so … she is allowed it when she has finished her movicol … which has definitely helped us get more consistency with that!!

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Mabel40 in reply to Helen36

Thankyou so much for replying ! I will get some ordered, as I said, I’m pretty much willing to try anything at this point !!

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Helen36 in reply to Mabel40

Bless… I know the desperation 🙁. I see you say you have just completed a disimpaction. My advice is to keep the poos mega soft (think mr whippy!) for a long time. At least double the length of time they have been constipated for… which may be years. Get a really consistent routine of trying for a poo, ideally about 15 minutes after a meal (as this is when the urge is likely to strike) with some deep breathing whilst on the loo like they are giving birth - it really helps!. Reward the toilet try - not whether there is a poo or not and make sure they are really secure on the loo with a seat and high step that will raise their knees to be above their hips. If you don’t have one, ask the GP for a stimulant laxative like senakot as well. The movicol will soften but the stimulant provides the oomph to keep poo on the move when their bowel wall can lack muscle form after being stretched from constipation. Sorry - I know you didn’t ask for advice on this but hopefully something in there that is helpful x

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Mabel40 in reply to Helen36

I’m more than happy to accept any advice I can get !! 😊 It’s just so nice the hear from people who have been through the same thing and who understand what we’re dealing with. After speaking at length with a lovely lady from ERIC this morning, I have realised that we didn’t go far enough with the disimpaction so we are back up to 12 sachets today, I’m determined to get it right this time, my little boy has already missed so much school ! But this is more important at the moment.

It’s interesting what you say about the senakot, our consultant didn’t seem to think we needed it, but I’m thinking we might just give it a go.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply x

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Helen36 in reply to Mabel40

Ah, glad to hear you have spoken to Eric. The disimpaction is absolutely key, awful as it is. I’m not a doctor and senakot has to be prescribed for a child so do get medical advice before following that suggestion x

Lots of fluids and fibre and i found chia seeds that you can add to their food. Not sure about probioctics. Lots of fluids and toilet routine will help.

Thank you !

Flax seed i use too, my daughter haa it on her breakfast. She eats it fine. You can also put it in your cooking and baking its a super food and very healthy.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try too

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