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Wont poop on loo


My daughter (3) wont go for a poo on the toilet . Has no problem at all going for a wee. But give her a nappy and she can have a poo no problem I try her on the toilet all the time and she just gets herself so upset it makes me upset. I've tried sticker charts , bribes of new toilets ect , tried sitting on the toilet reading books ect she just isnt for it.

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Completely normal. I have tge same with my 3 year old. But i make it very clear only in bathroom and nappy straight off after.

Go with it for now. It it makes them confortable. Have a look at the eric website they have sone suggestions. My first was the same eventually got there but we did it when he was ready and took it sloe. Toilet time with a bookor toy to get them use to just sitting and waiting for a couple of mins

Praise regardless. Dont force anything.

They all get there so pls try not to worry

I wouldn't worry, she will do it in her own time, and pushing her will only make the situation worse. My eldest was the same, she never had wee accidents but always pooed in her pants (refused a pull up) she eventually got out of the habit and started pooing on the potty.

My youngest is not far off 4 and fully in pull ups, will not accept the potty or toilet at all, but I know he will get there in his own time so I aren't pushing him.

It's not unusual, and 3 is still so young so don't worry 😊

How is your youngest doing in preschool? Almost crying reading these. My 4yr old girl(august bday) has never poked happily. Will go in her pants if I leave her to it. Was constipated, lactulose upset her so we got prescribed cosmoscol. Accidents got worse at school (now full time) so we took her out and in the advice of ERIC and gp, flushed through her bowel at home. Went back to school last week on a much lower daily dose and 2/5 days fine then bang, back to soiling. We’ve stopped the meds as we feel it’s making her pop too soft to control and now feel back to square one and the end of my tether is not far away. Just feel in despair.

My son doesn't attend preschool so I'm lucky it isn't a issue for us but your situation sounds like a very similar to my situation with my son, we took him off the meds the doctor prescribed (movicol, lactulose) and bought nestle optifibre, and later switched to inulin (similar stuff but a lot cheaper) its basically a fibre powder which bulks and softens the stool, we still use senna liquid but we have slowly gone down from 10-15ml to 3 ml a day and are hoping to be off it completely soon.

It works so much better for us than the movicol/lactulose, they made my son have ridiculously loose stools which caused him to leak constantly and he could still withhold for days if not weeks, with the fibre powder he goes daily, doesn't withhold it anymore, it must feel 'different' to him because the change was almost instantly.

Can't recommend fibre powder with senna enough, after years of constipation, withholding and all the problems that go with it my son is going daily with no upset, pain or issue.

This sounds very similar to what we are experiencing with our 3 year old in terms of lactulose making stools so soft that there's a lack of control/urgency. Was the nestle optifibre/inulin prescribed to you or did you just buy it yourself?

I bought both, the nestle optifibre can be prescribed but my doctor refused unfortunately, we are waiting on a refferal to the hospital and was going to ask for it there but with Covid we have been waiting for months so I bought some.

We moved to inulin because it works the same but it's a lot cheaper.

I got both from amazon.

OK brilliant, do you know if it would be ok for a 3 and a half year old to take?

Yes. The optifibre is for 3+ it has dosage guidelines on its website. Inulin is pretty similar and if you Google theres been studies on its usage in children of a similar age so its obviously safe and they are both 100% natural and literally just a fibre powder so perfectly safe.

Hope it helps your little one!

Thank you so much, this is so helpful. It is a relief to see others like yourself describing lactulose as causing too-soft stools with a lack of control because I wasn't really sure if this was a thing or not, so thank you.

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My daughter will only go for a pee at the nursery and she will always wait until home and mostly after her bath she gets a pullup for bed and that's when she will poop

Previously when she was younger she kept having rabbit poops no matter how good her diet was always poop got prescribed lactose and because she hated the taste of it she point blank refused it . Now there normal just not on the toilet

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