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Do I really need a babysitter?


So I'm just wondering if I truly need a babysitter. I'm 16 but I have very chronic bedwetting and sometimes have accidents in the day. I wear drynites.

Of course, I have not seen my babysitter in quite sometime because of this whole virus. But the only reason my parents make me have one is because of my bedwetting. They want her to check if I have any accidents at night and help me change, but thats all I really need her for.

Do you guys think I should continue to have her, or do I not?

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Lasn in reply to rugratsfan21


rugratsfan21 in reply to Lasn

I have very chronic bedwetting and sometimes have accidents in the day.

You need to prove to your parents that you are trustworthy and capable of taking care of your own hygiene needs.

Please don't take offence but at 16 you are really to old to be having someone else change you if you are physically capable of doing it yourself, you are also a bit to old for drynites.

You are legally an adult now you should not be using products for children, there are many good pullups for at night and pads that can handle small daytime leakage.

You should go see your gp and get a referral to the continence services they will help you with appropriate products and treatments.

Lasn in reply to StellaA

let me clarify that she doesn't change me, but she helps me change; as in she'll bring me my pajamas and a nappy and make sure I have it on afterwards. Also drynites are not as expensive as other adult products, and they still fit me decently.

StellaA in reply to Lasn

Does your mother normally 'help you change'?

I'm sure your perfectly capable of taking a pull up out it's pack and getting pj's from a drawer, without any help.

There is clearly some other reason that they want someone there keeping an eye on you, is your babysitter a professional child minder or a young girl your parents trust?

Lasn in reply to StellaA

They're a younger girl my family trusts, and my mother does not help me change; she makes the babysitter give me my pull-ups and pajamas just to make sure I'm actually going to get changed. In the far past I used to skip getting change, resulting in a wet bed. But that was a long time ago.

Do you have any other additional needs other than the bedwetting?

Are your parents gone all night when you have a sitter or just for a few hours?

If all night then I can see why they would want someone else in the house regardless of the wetting.

Try proove to them that you are capable of cleaning yourself and the bedding up, they may give you more freedom if they know you are able. And if the drynites are a issue look at using tenna or another adult product.

Lasn in reply to Kayleigh28

They are gone all night, yes. But they drynites are very decent, although I find it embarrassing to wear them around her.

Hi Lasn

My son is 16 and very often wets the bed. If you were my son alone in the house all night every night , I would probably feel a level of anxiety and want to check in with you to make sure everything was turned off before you went to bed, but you would most certainly not need a babysitter. You are a young adult and need support with getting enuresis under control, not disabling disempowerment which is what this will rapidly become unless support evolves in an age appropriate manner for you. If you haven't seen a GP about your enuresis in the last 6 months then go! Speak to your parent/carer and say you are no longer comfortable with the babysitting arrangement at your age. Good luck.

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