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On the 2nd January my son finally got seen by a consultant after 3 years of dealing with chronic constipation. He had two large impactions that he could feel and also showed me what to feel for,he advised we started a disimpaction increased to 12 sachets a day, so we are now on day 8 of 12 sachets. His bowel movements have been a mixture of mass amounts of runny poo to Brown water with a few bits in, I'm waiting for the consultant to ring me to discuss whether we are supposed to keep him on the 12 sachets longer or what to do. He is now on week two of being absent from school and I feel like I'm going stir crazy. Any advice?

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I have had to do many dissipation and I would keep your son on the 12 sachets for the full amount of time. If he is still having large watery poos keep him on 12 sachets. But if her is having lots of small poos take him off.

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Thanks for replying, I contacted his consultant and he wants to see him this morning in the children's assessment unit with the potential to admit him

Ah you poor things. My understanding of the NICE guidelines is that they sometimes look to introduce a stimulant laxative as well (e.g. Senna) if disimpaction hasn't been achieved after a week so I guess that could be the next step, depending on what your consultant thinks. You must be really fed up, but on the positive side it sounds as though you finally have somebody in the medical profession who has your son's back and has properly taken control of the situation. After struggling for three years that must be a massive relief. Once the impaction has been cleared it can be a bit of a long slog, but SO much better than having the impaction there. Do let us know what the consultant says tomorrow. We were in a similar position to you last summer, but actually an x-ray showed that my son's impaction had cleared after all. I know that's not always the case though and sometimes they need a little bit of extra help to clear, especially if they've been there for a long time. Good luck. xx

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