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My daughter is 3 and has always suffered with constipation since weeks old she takes 7.5 lactose every morning advised by GP and I use laxido when needed she’s either poos up to 10 times a days tiny bits and cry’s In pain with her bum or tummy she says or doesn’t go at all been back to the doctors at lot and she has been referred To the bowls clinic 18 week wait is this normal for her bowl movement to be like this does anyone go threw this it’s getting hard to even take her out she’s always upset or in pain

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Hi Louise. I feel like I am reading my own life. My daughter is the same. I had some amazing advise from ladies here and they said try to reduce the laxative. My daughter is on movicol though but how to reduce it has to be very very slowly. I managed to get to half the dose she was in and we are down to three poos a day, which is massive achievement for us. For sore bump go with lots of cream and lavander oil in her bath. I can’t comment on the pain as my daughter only suffered when she would not go.... sending you a hug and a lot of patience x

Hi - this is where we were when my daughter was three. It sounds to me like your daughter could be ‘impacted’ which is when there is a build up of poo she is not passing. I would go back to the GP and ask for some support to try and deal with this, ideally with a disimpaction using Movicol or similar (which I think laxido is) GP’s are not specialists in this so you might get some resistance (just because they can’t feel an impaction in her tummy doesn’t mean she isn’t) but I would really urge you to try and get some more urgent help to avoid the bowel becoming stretched, which can take a long time to recover. Ask them to see if they can get a bowel nurse to call you as the wait times are typical unfortunately. Or ring the ERIC helpline on the ERIC website if you have found that yet. In the mean time, lots of water, some daily prune juice, tummy rubs and warm baths and maybe up her laxido a little too if you are comfortable doing that before medical advice xxx

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