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Water app

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My daughter is 7 we’ve spent years trying to solve her constipation and soiling issue. We have exhausted every avenue until this Christmas when I discovered a app on my phone called Water time, this very simple app sends me a reminder that she needs a drink of water/ juice and you log the drink on the app. Well I never realised how little she was drinking till now. We’ve had a huge improvement, soiling is minimum and she’s actually pooing in the toilet every day for the first time 😊😊😊😊 super happy mum I’ve taken her off her picosulfate and she’s now drinking 1000ml water/ juice a day which I will slowly increase in next couple of months

3 Replies
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That sounds really interesting as we have a 12 year old who we have been trying to get on top of her constipation and soiling for years x x

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I have an eight-year-old with the same issue it has been many years of struggle I just started the water today what did you do for school and how long did it take before it really made an impact thank you for this post and for sharing

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Downloaded! I am convinced my little girls long term hatred of drinking is the source of all our woes (wetting and soiling). I have been on missions many times to get her drinking more and it makes such a big (and positive) difference, but then I start to forget and things slip... thank you so much for the tip!

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