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5 year old bowel problems

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Hi I'm new and just wanted to post to ask for some advice. I have a 5 and a half year old daughter. She struggled with tiolet training and it felt liked it took ages but we got there in the end with wees. Poo was another matter however it became manageable when she would pop on the toilet with us taking her when we saw the signs and some accidents still. She didn't take herself but we managed and she started school last year. All seemed ok for a while then she started withholding and scared off the toilet we tried lots of things but towards the end of the school year it got worse and she had a few accidents and lots of soiling. Over the summer it has got worse and I am really worried about her starting school. Any tips to help with school?

Also I feel awful as assumed she wasn't constipated as she did go daily most of the time but from what I have read realise this may not matter and worry by leaving things so long we have caused her long term damage. I feel dreadful. Is there anything I can ask the gp to do to check her? She has been in movical two weeks but it hasn't really helped. X

3 Replies
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Hi there. Sounds like your daughter has constipation with overflow soiling. Have you watched the poo nurse video on this site? It explains it really well.

Unfortunately it takes a while to sort out, 2 weeks on movicol is just the start. I would go back to the GP and ask for Senna too - movicol just softens the poo - Senna stimulates the bowel to make you go. If she’s withholding the Senna might help as it will give her no choice but to go! Also get her to sit on the toilet to try 3 times a day after meals. If you get no joy with the GP ask them to refer you to the specialist paediatrician.

With regards to school I would speak to her teacher as soon as she goes back and explain the situation. The soiling accidents are due to loss of sensation due to a stretched bowel, so make sure the teacher understands that your daughter isn’t doing it in purpose, she really can’t feel it. Just send in spare pants and flushable toilet wipes so she can clean herself up if she has an accident.

Unfortunately it isn’t something that’s fixed quickly! My daughter is 10 now and we still aren’t quite there yet! But I was slow in getting proper help as I thought it was a behaviour problem. The fact you are starting earlier is definitely a bonus and for some kids it is sorted much quicker.

Just know that you are not alone and it’s not your daughters fault. This is much more common than you think.

Good luck x

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Same thing happened my daughter she has the urge to go I also thought she held it but now I don't know could be constipation as after a few days of vomiting and crying in pain the gp gave movical and wasn't working after 3 days I took her to hosp and they done x ray her bowels are swelled and bad build up in Bowles they have gave two eniemas horrific pain. And afterwards then she went (loads) but that was two days ago and still struggling to go now , I would defo take her the hosp to get her cleared out I don't even know how long my daughter held hers as she never had a problem bfore

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Dear Nashvillelover,

Please don't 'Beat Yourself Up', over this issue- any Problems are NOT your fault. You did nothing wrong, your Daughter will be fine! Now I have THAT 'sorted out', I can answer your question.

Yes do speak to your Doctor, or Health worker- maybe even the Hospital, if they are still involved in her care. Do also speak, to your Daughters School, I can, absolutely assure you, that she is NOT the only child, with these 'Troubles'. I know, that Grandma, tells you that 'All her Children Were Potty Trained, By Nine Months' and 'You Are Just Being Lazy'. Yes I know all that! For a start this, almost certainly ISN'T the case (didn't Uncle Harry, have to, go to Hospital, as a child, quite often.....Now what was that for again?). One of my Sister's children, was 'Still In Nappies', at six years old- yes exceptional, a bit like being 'Potty Trained' before one really. Jenny, not her real name, is now a lady of 32, Mum of four.....

As I have said before, and I'm deliberately saying it again, EVERYTHING WILL be alright. Your Daughter WILL BE fine. This is NOT YOUR fault. I think, and hope, that I have 'Rammed' that Home enough now. So I'll close now:

Very best wishes


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