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Has anyone had any experience or even heard of it? My 6 yr old girl recently been through hospital stay for chronic constipation now back to normal daily bowel movement with movicol morning & night but we now have frequent toilet visits when out of the house? She gets a little panicked when first arriving smwh but once found the toilet will make several visits in short space of time. Her urine is good colour & no pain it’s just a habit. When at home only time does it at bedtime routine, will go back 3 times in 20 mins. Everything read tells to ignore it as will go but would love to speak to someone else if child has had this?

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Hello - i have heard of this but no experience. However, my daughter has an overactive bladder which we think was brought on my constipation (a common cause of it) and similar symptoms. Basically the bowel can press on the bladder when impacted and make it ‘twitchy’ meaning they feel like they need to go lots. And then it can’t stop twitching even after the poo has moved on. My little girl actually feels it more when she is at home than out but I have no idea why! I suggest going back to GP and seeing if some further investigations might help. In the mean time, just make sure she has lots of fluid and is emptying her bladder properly with a ‘double wee’ - try once, stand up and jiggle - and go again. It may be she developed a pocket in her bladder from the constipation (not all bladders are perfect ballloon shapes) and wee is getting caught in there so she needs to go again soon after emptying. Maybe she’s emptying better when out. Good luck and maybe have a search on the forum to see if you can find anyone else who had pollakiuria to message - they might not look at this anymore if their issues are solved but a message will email them. X


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