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Disimpaction.... Group hug


Hi, I seem to remember there was a few of us doing a disimpaction over Easter, just wanted to see how you're all going...

So far so good here, although we are on day 5, and have been on max dosage for 2 days now and she has not had a single poo today... Surely that's not right?? Or does it mean she must be incredibly massively constipated? It feels like I am spending every waking moment trying to convince her to drink something.... Aaagggggghhhh. Also we have not left the house since Thursday, I'm starting to go a bit loopy.

Anyway, I hope you're all hanging in there xxx

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We finished our 3rd day of 12 sachets yesterday, not as many poos as I thought we were going to have if I’m honest!

Maybe 1-2 a day, and he managed to make it to the toilet!

I have cut down to 6 today, he had a poo this morning and nothing else today, I wasn’t there but he said it was about a 6 in the chart

I’m going to give him another 6 tomorrow and see how he goes x

Hi, we are on day 6 today. 3rd day of 8 sachets which is maximum dose for my 3 year old. It’s very runny but not quite to the ‘gravy water with no lumps’ we have been told to get to before we stop. Kinda hoping we don’t get to the stage of needing a laxative too but if we do then so be it. We hadn’t really left the house but went to the park (put a pull up on in case!) for a bit. Glad you are getting on ok too xx

We were doing one with sodium picosulfate so it only took a short time. He had stomach cramps and was very cuddly over the weekend but he reached brown liquid by the very end of day one and so I only have him one more sachet. It was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be and so far no soiling since then. He’s not completely dry but I feel it has healed slightly with wetness as well. I’m really crossing my fingers that this is the start of getting things right for good for us.

Good luck everyone

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