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Poo fear !

Hi, I'm new to the site. I'm very stressed as is my 2 yo. I started to potty train him 3 wks ago. Everything was going very well until about a wk a go he didn't poo for 2 days which is very unlike him. He was happily doing poos on potty and toilet. He started developing a rash around his bum. I thought it was just nappy rash, which In hindsight isn't normal for him as he's never suffered from it. The rash got worse even tho I was treating it with sudo crem. I tried aloe Vera gel as well but to no avail. I then started googling rashes and realised it was probably fungal infection. So I took a pic and showed the doc she said yes it was. She prescribed some cream and the rash is on its way out..yay! However he refused to even sit on toilet now as he's been in so much pain from trying to poo with this nasty rash. He's petrified of pooing full stop. He went 3 times yesterday in his nappy but screamed and cried every time. I reckon hed be fine now but he's been physiologically traumatised from pooing wit a pain rash. How do I reassure him that it's ok now. It feels like over tried everything !!! I'm at my wits end now. My husband and I keep bickering now too were so stressed.

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Hello, I am also new to this site and my 5 year old is petrified to poo and has been for a year now following a painful constipation episode. I have found with my daughter that once the actual pain eases she does get less scared so maybe it is still hurting him a little. Could there be any other reason it is hurting like constipation if he is holding it for a few days? Have you tried any fun distractions at toilet time like reading a book to him, giving him a favourite toy to play with? I know what it is like and the stress it causes between a family. Maybe try and take it in turns to support your son with it each time if you can so you can get a break from the stress. I feel like all we do is talk about poo, track poo days and worry about when thr next poo will come and it can get you down if you don't try to take a break from it sometimes. I know this can be heartbreaking to see your child in pain and I would definitely try to be sure that he isn't still in any pain first of all. I hope this helps and let me know how you get on. X


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