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Son has stretched bowel for 6 years

Hi. I'm new here. My son has had a stretched bowel for 6 years now. He is 9 years old. I give him Movicol laxatives x1 once a day, every day since he was 3 years old. He soils himself at least once a day and we are sure he can feel it when he's sitting in it. We have to have towels on all our furniture in case. He is a solid boy and extremely fussy eater. When we do try and get him to try anything new he will reluctantly lick it for a nano second and say he doesn't like it. We have been successful in getting him to eat more fruit but that's all he's eating for dinner eg, carrots (only vege we can get him to eat), pineapple and apple but guessing too much fruit sugars probably not good all the time either. The only other food he likes is bread, nuggets, sausages, chips, biscuits, chippies (which we try to avoid, except treats). Now he's getting sick of the same food all the time. We have been told to be positive but some days I just want to force the healthy food into him but can't. I'm hoping he won't be like this when he starts Intermediate in 2 years. Kids can be mean. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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Have you ever done a disimpaction? It sounds like he needs to be cleared out so he can feel when he needs to go.

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Yes I was going to suggest this. Mine is younger but she needed clearing out twice.

Also we routined her firmly - she had to try twice a day. Pushes out anything thats 'gonna go any minute' (on Movicol leakage isn't usually leakage, it's that they now need to go but are not trying so eventually it comes out!). Rewarded her for trying twice a day. Now she does this and some poop always comes out, and she doesn't get urgency or accidents in between.


My eldest son was a nightmare like this . He ate no cooked food until he was ten and survived on peanut butter sandwiches, cheese,marmite,raw carrot and fruit. He had his tonsils out at four (which were huge) and used to gag on lumpy food , not chocolate though ,ha ha. He used to get embarrassed going to cub camp etc but I never sent him with anything different. Now he's nearly 33 and eats anything and has been all over the world eating all sorts!! I'm just trying to say that I think they have to do it in their own time so try not to worry though I know it's not easy. Also perhaps get him involved in the prep and cooking if poss. So we have three adult sons and fostered 48 children one of whom we adopted, she has the toilet ting issue with constipation ,although drinks and eats well. She is the same age,nearly nine and also has been going for six years. I did a disimpaction just before Christmas and it has helped but she still soils every day so I feel your pain and I hope that when shes 33 we can look back and think oh we got through that eventually but I won't be here ha ha!! Good luck .xx

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