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Help - it’s getting worse!


Hi, I’m new here. My 8 year old son was diagnosed with an irritable bladder a couple of years ago. He was prescribed Oxybutynin and is currently taking 5mg 3 times a day. He still has accidents though both during the day and at night but not if we’re on him, reminding him to go every couple of hours! I can’t decide if it’s the condition or laziness! Recently, however, it’s stepped up a gear to include soiling himself which is horrific for all! He’s taken to hiding soiled pants as he’s so embarrassed and it’s really starting to effect his confidence. At first I got cross which I know is terrible, poor love, but then I started wondering if the 2 issues could be connected?! This is how I got lead here! Would be great to hear from any other parents of older children and learn about your experiences and what’s worked for you. He’s an amazing little boy but I can really see this having a huge impact on him socially!

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Hi, sorry to hear about this. Can you tell us - which tests did your son have before a diagnosis of overactive bladder was made?

None really. The consultant at the hospital went on his symptoms. x

It doesn't sound as though the medication is helping. Could you ask for a review?

Yes, I have an appointment tomorrow with the doc as he was discharged from the consultant. Meds are helping and we recently reviewed them so he went from 2 to 3 a day but they’re far from perfect!

I feel for you and your son. My 9 yo daughter’s bowel problems escalated when she was on oxybutynin as constipation wasn’t properly managed. What we thought was soiling due to laziness turned out to be overflow leakage ( if it is hard to clean and sticks with lots of bits it is , as I now know, overflow) . 4 years later she’s just had a week in hospital clearing out and subsequent a&e enema . Still work in progress but at least closely managed by consultant . Not taking bladder meds as changed behaviour or didn’t work . Been told that sorting bowel will help bladder. I wish you a successful 2018 helping your son.

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