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Looking to find others with the same issues. My 8 year old has chronic constipation and day time wetting because of this. We feel quite isolated.

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I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same until I found this forum and a Facebook page. Believe me, it's a very common problem.

My son is 6 and we've been trying since June 2014 to get him dry. He's had chronic constipation too. He's under a Paediatrician and had an admission to hospital back in February.

We are beginning to see an improvement finally due to Senokot which he's been on for 18 months and a daily plan they gave us whilst he was in hospital.

It's been very stressful and isolating for us so I really feel for you but you're not alone. It's the hardest thing we've ever had to deal with day in and day out.

Is your daughter under a Paediatrician? Do you have a school nurse involved?

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Hi I feel isolated and frustrated. My son is 8 and severely constipated , yesturday put on 12 sachets a day for Disimpactation. So just starting our journey , my son won't take it and it's a battle. I'm anxious as if he won't take it , I can see him ending up in hospital. As mum I wish I could wave a magic wondering to take all his pain, suffering and illness away. Thanks for this comment to this persons comment. Sharon


We mix it with the water then add it to some chocolate milk. He takes it at night so teeth get a good brush after xx


Thank you. I've tried in banana milk but he still won't take it. I have to be careful to not get stuck into negative attention seeking. I've tried rewarding with any biscuitof his choice and TV programme. He still won't take it. He knows it can lead to a stay in hospital as consultant was very frank but still won't take it. I'm frustrated, angry and upset and feel alone . I have to take tablets for arthritis, low blood pressure and other stuff. I said if I take 1 at a time I get upset as it takes ages so I choose to get it over and done with so gets them out of the way and I can enjoy myself and not worry but he won't. He just wants to spend ages and wind himself and I'm finding that hard to understand. Sharon


Just a thought, as I have had difficulty getting my eldest to take medicine in the past. Don't know whether it's possible but I found trying it at different times of the day helped. It became a huge battle of wills to get her to take it in the evening when she was tired and both of us went to bed grumpy but she was far more receptive in the morning and lunchtime was even better (but not practical with school!) as there were lots of other distractions around so I could almost "sneak up on her".

Good luck though, it's not easy!




I can totally symoathise - this is the first medicine other than pink calpol that my LO has taken ok. it is hard. It sounds like you are trying everything. Big hugs and fingers crossed he starts taking it soon x


Thank you..x


Hi- I am new here too and have similar issues. Running out to work but wanted to say hello .

L xx


Hi hope work went OK. Thanks for making contact. How are things going. Sharon x


There seems to be a few of us that have joined the forum recently with kids of a similar age. Hopefully we will be able to support each other and see improvements for our LOs. Xx


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