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Sensory processing issues and toiletting

Does anybody on here have a child with sensory processing issues which are associated with using the toilet.

My son is non diagnosed with SPD (very hard as he does not present at school) things like hair washing and teeth brushing are excruciating. Same issues with toiletting. Does anyone have any advice or can point me in a direction to look?


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My son is the same - 10 years old. He tries so hard to be 'normal' at school but we have a lot of anger at home. He has major toilet issues which we thought linked to his sensory issues but we are not sure.

He has poor core muscles which we think is more the problem and dyspraxia and turns out dyslexia.

He has just had a MRI to see if the problems including toilet are neurological- he is also under Camhs.

A occupational therapist referral was the best thing for us to get some proper help although that hasn't been great in resolving problems.

Hope that is of some use



My son (12) has many complex needs, sensory included. I strongly advise getting OT advice. Your GP should be able to refer you. You need to find out which senses are causing him issues and then identify strategies to help him manage this issue. E.g. My son loves HOT showers as he needs the feedback on his skin - - like really hot ! So I rub him all over with a hard, rough towel beforehand and it does help. It's all about trying different things. A vibrating toothbrush is better than a normal one . All OT advice helped this. Still very challenging and it severely impacts his everyday life but each time we find a new difficultly we spend time trying different things. Google Sensory Diets too as they are good

In terms of toileting, he is still learning (2 years but getting there!!) but a soft seat, feet on a step, bathroom light off, no fan helps. For him it's anxiety too.

Hope this helps! Good luck!



Thank you both.

Kpricey - I'm not sure the Gp is interested. I have an appointment tonight as we are having issues with a molluscum and I think these issues are spd related.

Maybe I need to do this privately then.


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