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Bed wetting

Hi, I usually post about my almost 5 year old who has daytime wetting.

We do also have a slight issue with our 11 year old son which we haven't actually ever done anything about as it's not that stressful. Maybe we should?...

Our 11 year old has always seemed to need a wee between about 10:30 and 11pm! He's dry after that until the next morning always. It's never been too much of a problem as we have been waking him at this time and telling him to go to the loo! I know we probably shouldn't have for all these years!

If we don't wake him before 11pm he will wet. If we wake him though then he never wets afterwards. It's just as though he needs the last daily wee at that time!

He has been ok at sleepovers by staying awake til late and going to toilet at that time! His normal bedtime is 8:30 as he needs lots of sleep! He used to still go to bed at 7:30 til a couple of years ago!!

Should we get a bedwetting alarm? He doesn't wake when he needs a wee, but like I say it's only the one wee between 10:30 and 11pm and he's always fine after that time til he wakes in the morning. But I know waking him at aged 11 is a bit crazy.

When he gets older and stays up til 10:30 he will be sorted cos he's ok after that time!

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If his normal bedtime is 8.30, have you tried doing a double wee. So get him to go to the toilet about 8 then again just before he gets into bed at 8.30. Not sure if this will help. I've been doing this with my son (9) for the last 2 weeks, he is a bedwetter and on medication. Since we have been doing the double wee (touch wood) he has been dry in the morning. Someone recommended it to me on this forum. Worth a try?

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Hi using an Alarm is the best evidence based treatment for bed wetting. You can enter this site and read lots of info. There are several ways to overcome sleep issues


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waking the child, impairs his sleep and does not resolve the issue


We just got the alarm and it is SO loud that I thought it was a car alarm! You could try a vibrating watch to wake him gently to go to the loo.


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