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How long did bedwetting alarm take to work - it's been 3 months?!

My 9 year old son has always wet at night. He doesn't drink orange juice, backcurrant, fizzzy drinks etc. He also try's not to drink after 6. For last two years he hasn't worn pull ups we've just washed pjs and sheets every day! 3 months ago we started using a bed alarm. I slept on his bedroom floor for the first 6 weeks as he was a little scared by the noise :0( The first week the alarm was going off 3 or 4 times a night. After 3 weeks he had his first dry night and after 6 weeks it was about 5/7 dry nights. He's now dry the majority of nights (a wet night every 2-3 weeks) but he still wants to wear the alarm as when he does wet the alarm wakes him up and stops him so his pjs are only a little wet. He's desperate not to wet the bed. He's signed up to his first camp at Cubs next May - I know that's 10 months away just need some reassurance that we're on the right track and should carry on with what we're doing as most forums seem to say the alarm works completely within a month or two? Should I also insist that my son tries sleeping without the alarm?

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He seems to have an overactive bladder and goes to the toilet more frequently than his sister and often when we're out we'll have to make a desperate dash to the nearest toilets - he gets so distressed saying he can't wait. Sometimes urine leaks into his boxers when he hasn't quite made it but hasn't had a full on daytime accident since he was 3.


Hi, I'm new to the forum and can only speak from experience, but my daughter is coming up 8 and we have been using the alarm for 3 weeks, she's been dry for the last 8 nights which is amazing as like you she has been soaked every night before and we have been washing sheets etc. I would say the alarm has worked in your case, as 5/7 dry nights seems pretty good from the starting point. I can't see any harm in letting him wear the alarm if he wants to, as a safety net that the bed won't be totally wet if he does have an accident. My daughter is the opppsite and is desperate to stop wearing the alarm, but it's only been a week of dry nights so I'm not sure if it's too soon.


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