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Lazy, unbothered or more to it 9 year old?

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Due to another issue we saw a urologist last year and he suggested my boy has an overactive bladder (occasional bed wetting and daytime urgency)

But at this point we rarely had day time accidents.

In the last six months though I'd estimate he's had about 30! Prob 20 of these being in the last three weeks.

He says he knows when it is happening, but every single time has been when he doesn't want to stop an activity- playing football, kayaking, kids clubs etc

For this reason I have been losing no my rag and punishing him when it happens. If he knows it's about to happen, he should surely stop and go to the toilet!? He's manged to for years.

I'm prob wrong in this reaction as it still keeps happening. Any ideas?

Seems crazy to go the opposite way and reward him if he's clean when he's been dry for so many years without needing a reward?

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Has he been checked for UTI? Just from experience they can make the urgency very sudden, and they don't always sting.


I would agree with previous post. My daughter started sudden daytime wetting and she had urine tested and it was a UTI, antibiotics cleared it. Worth checking...


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