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Intro and my story

Hi there

How are you all. Hope everyone is fine. I am new here so I would like to share my story. I hope my story might give someone hope.

I have been ttc for the whole of my 30s (now 39). We have unexplained infertility, no reason for our failure to conceive at all. This came as quite a shock as i had gotten pg by accident in a previous relationship (m/c though).

Anyway after 3 years ttc we started our IVF journey and amazingly got pregnant on our first attempt. Our little wonder boy just turned 3 and is such a miracle to us.

When DS turned 1 we started IVF again. After attempting 9 more IVFs (4 of which were cancelled), 5 completed IVFs, one ectopic pregnancy and one early miscarriage, I am now fabulously and beautifully 32 weeks pregnant. I did an FET with no drugs, just followed my natural cycle.. and it worked. So I would like to state finally that biotexcom provided us the much needed happiness and fulfilled our wish to be a parent finally.

Never every lose hope. Always belief in yourself.

Thanks and prayers to all.

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Its nice to know about ur success via ivf. Could you tell me from where you got the ivf treatment ???


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