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Toileting Routine post disimpaction?

Last weekend we did a movicol clear out which appears to have been successful. The paediatrician we saw suggested that we encourage sitting on the loo after each meal but especially after teh evening meal as we can be more relaxed then. (Our morning routine is quite rushed as we need to be out of the house early) As it is summer holidays it has been relaxed all day in the last week and she has gone 2-3 times each day with proper size stools (amazing!! Haven't seen anything that size for a while) She has been asking to go and not witholding as far as I can tell, which was a problem. My question is, if she sits in the loo and produces a good stool immediately do we make her sit for the full 10 minutes? She doesn't want to as she doesn't see the point as she has already produced!! This is all a good start but this week she is at holidays club in the day for 3 days so I cannot monitor what she is doing unfortunately. Hoping she can keep up the good work.....

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What I say to my son is if when he wipes and he's clean then he's finished for now so he doesn't always stay for the full 10mins. As for holiday club just gentle reminders to her before dropping off and see how she goes , make a big deal of it if she comes home without soiling.


If my daughter poos straight away I do not make her sit for the full 10 mins. Congratulations on the great progress x


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