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9 yr with bad constipation


Hi. My daughter has been quite anxious recently and told me last week she hasn't done a poo for a week. I started her on 15ml of lactulose and prune juice, increased how much water she was drinking and gave her more fibre. Nothing more than 2 "rabbit droppings" are coming out a day and she is in constant pain. The doctor started her on suppositories and cosmotan but still nothing. Any suggestions as she's so miserable and nothing is moving. Tia

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Oh bless you both. Not sure what cosmotan is. Most people seem to use movicol is it similar. Have a look at a YouTube video by a nurse Sandra Hanson called tackling childhood constipation with macrogol(movicol). It sounds like your daughter needs a disimpaction and the a maintainence dose which this video explains. Good luck x

Lol. It's Cosmocol that's she's taking ( predictive text changed it). I will have a look into macro gol. Thanks for your help :)

Ha ha! It's probably similar just a different brand name but I found the video very helpful. Let me know how you get on x

squizita in reply to Charlie1494

You can up the dose by a sachet every 48 hr. Some kids take a lot for it to work - and it can take several days! 36 hr for my toddler, thought it wasn't working then BOOM! Once she has 'the runs' basically you reduce it back every 48 hr to a dose where she can hold in till she goes to the loo (might be a normal, might be a little soft - but not runs) and keep her on that. Can be many months (some kids years). Takes a while for their system and guts to recover and if you stop too fast they go hard again (as I found with mine). Macrogols are very 'inert', they're just liquids that literally 'go straight through them' - that's the point - so are harmless taken long term.

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