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Ongoing bladder infections-10 year old

My 10 year old has been on a prophylactic dose of antibiotics for at least 3 years. Periodically we try to take her off under the guidance of the GP/Paediatrician. Within 2 weeks she then has a full blown bladder infection which has twice resulted in hospital admission due to it becoming a kidney infection. It seems to become more resistant to antibiotics each time. Is anyone else in a similar position ? I cant seem to see a time where she will be able to be without antibiotics. On top of that she is incontinent at night and a little in the day.

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I used to suffer dreadfully from UTIs until I figured out I was sensitive in that area to anything scented... body washes,coloured toilet paper, bubble baths, fabric softener (to name the worst offenders).., i have no idea why these gave me utis but they definitely caused thrush which lead to bladder infections... I cut all this out and had no problems since!!! ... my five year old daughter is showing similar signs as fabric softener and bubble baths cause her to itch, have bladder control issues and frequent urine leakage, and since I've cut it all out with her too we've had no problems whatsoever... !

worth a shot. It was 100% the cause with us....I hope the answer is this simple for you...🙏🏻


Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Do you mean you cut out Fabric softener altogether or just not use it on underwear ? Also does white toilet paper count as coloured ?. Do you buy a more natural type ? I will definitely give it a go thanks


Hi sorry for late reply. I cut it out altogether to start and then just kept it away from underwear. I only use it on things that need it for her. No white toilet paper doesn't affect her or me. The worst stuff I ever used was blue ! Oh my, was dreadful. Have never had that in the house since so my daughter hasn't used it. But I only buy white with no aloe Vera or anything added..... the second day after I rewashed all her underwear, her constant leakage stopped! I kid you not. And no problems since...!


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