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Today we've reached a milestone

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Today for the first time ever my son is going to an after school club. Before we haven't be able to attend any because of the problems he has with soiling. I'm proud and nervous all at once. So keep you fingers cross for him that he be able to enjoy it and not have any accidents. this could be a big step for his development and self esteem.

Thank you for reading and your continued support.

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A happy day....fingers crossed for you both that all goes well.


I can so relate to how you are feeling. I hope your son has a great time.

I finally went back to work 5 weeks ago after 3 year break due to daughter's soiling issues, just couldn't deal with the stress of potential accidents at after school club. So far she has been fine although I informed the club manager of her past issues.

I wish you continued success x


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