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Constipated 14 month old booby monster

Hi, my now 14 month old has been struggling with constipation ever since we started weaning. He's been on cosmocol since 7 months. It does work if he takes it, but we really struggle to get him to take it. It takes all day to get about 60 mls down him. I think it's because he breastfeeds so isn't thirsty. But I really don't want to cut down or stop breastfeeding as he loves it so much and it's so good for him.

So I'd appreciate any tips on getting him to drink his cosmocol. (He doesn't take a bottle so I can't just express and put it in a bottle, he only likes his booby milk direct from the source 😂)

We have cosmocol lemon and lime which we mix in orange squash. Does anyone know if plain or chocolate movicol tastes better? Can you mix plain movicol into cows milk, and does it taste ok?

Also health visitor advised me that they can have too much fibre? Is this true? We do try to stick to a high fibre diet, so now I'm confused!


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Hi I'm not a dietitian, in theory, yes they can have too much fibre, as its bulky and fills them up so they can eat too little as they feel full and don't get the nutrition they need. However as you're breastfeeding, he'll be getting lots of his nutrition from you and I read something the other day that said that malnutrition in babies/toddlers that do extended breastfeeding is virtually non existent. If he's constipated still I can't imagine he's getting too much fibre, so I wouldn't worry about that.

I take it you have regular stool samples taken by the GP/consultant? It seems young to me to be on medication for so long. Do you do the I LOVE YOU tummy massage? It really helped my little boy. Also soft dried dates and other dried fruit have really helped my girl with her constipation. You need insoluble fibre (dates, sweetcorn) not soluble fibre (oats, prune juice). We only used small doses of lactulose to clear may girls backlog and upped her water and fibre intake. walking helps too as it massages the colon. Hope this reassures you.


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