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Frequent peeing


daughter (just turned 5) starting peeing quite frequently (up to 14 times a day when i first noriced and started counting) a couple months back. She nevers complains about pain, burning, i never catch her itching so i am guessing its not an infection.

A quick google seems to indicate this might just right itself so i am holding off ob taking her to GP.

She is also not dry at night.

Anyone in a similar position? Similar experience? Am i being a lax parent for not rushing off to doctor?

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Hi, I think if she is stillvweejng very frequently then it would be worth getting her urine checked by the GP. It's very quick litmus paper strip into the urine sample. You can usually ask the reception for a sample bottle prior to the appointment so that you can prepare the sample at home.

My daughter had a UTI infection once and other than suddenly starting to wee her pants she had no other symptoms. X


Hi thanks for the reply. Will contact GP and get a bittle /litmus test



A bout of food poisoning can infect the bladder. It might pass if her body can fight it naturally. Does she have a fever?


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