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My 9 year old son suffers daily soiling, we have tried everything, various diets, various laxatives, sitting on toilet so many times a day, loads of blood tests and even clean prep to see if there was impaction (which there wasn't), the list goes on. He has been under the gastro team since he was 4 when they finally decided to take a peek with the camera where we found out he has a mega colon even though he has never suffered constipation. He will be having the ACE procedure soon. Are there any others here with similar problems?

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Hi I've never heard of of this procedure but wanted to say hi. My sons Colon has been damaged by years of constipation and we are now working towards repairing this by diet and medicine so I'm am interested in hearing about what this in tales.

Best wishes


It's full name is Antegrade Continence Enema. It involves surgery to put a catheterisable tunnel to the large bowel using the appendix then daily washout. This means sitting on the toilet for upto an hour. The other option we had was piresteen wash which is a daily enema but my son has low muscle tone so would struggle keeping a catheter up his bottom long enough.


They have left it a long while to investigate bless you both x


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